Why Are Bananas Bad Luck for Deep Sea Fishing


Every culture and community has a number of superstitions that linger in the background of everyday life.  From their surface appearance, many of these superstitions may make little sense.  But often they originate from real-life situations and serve a purpose related to safety, security and/or piece of mind.

Well, the deep sea fishing community is no different.  For those not familiar with the sport, they may have not heard that bananas are considered unlucky by sports fishers.  In this article we’ll go over a few theories that try to answer the question, “Why are bananas bad luck for deep sea fishing?”


One theory that relates directly to deep sea trolling is that transoceanic shipments of bananas required the fastest ships so the bananas didn’t end up spoiling.  Those high speeds make it much harder to catch fish.

When banana carrying ships were unfortunate enough to sink, all that would be found floating on the water’s surface would be the loads of bananas it was carrying.  This spooky visual reminder would be seared into the minds of local fishers.

Of course bunches of banana are also known to harbor large spiders, poisonous snakes and other nasty insects which could make those on a crowded fishing boat a bit nervous.

There’s also the cartoon-like stereotype of slipping on a banana peel which would be even more hazardous when walking around a small fishing boat.

Whatever the actual origin of the superstition, at least you’ve been forewarned about it so you don’t show up on your next fishing trip with a breakfast banana – much to the horror of the crew.


Roatan Fishing Charters | We Love Wahoo – Blue Cool Running Tours


Wahoo have become a popular game fish for variety of reasons. Roatan fishing charters companies have realized that visitors are often impressed by the Wahoo’s size, sharp teeth and shimmering blue backs that allow them to hide in deep bluewaters.  In this article we’ll go over a few reasons why catching wahoo is awesome.

Good Eats : Although not as popular as many other species, wahoo is becoming more known amongst restaurant goers and foodies alike.  The lean, flaky, delicate flesh has been said to taste similar to mackerel.  The Hawaiian name for the fish, ono, actually means “good to eat.”  Wahoo is high in protein, B vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids.

Good Sport : Wahoo is one of the fastest species in the ocean.  It’s popular amongst sports anglers because it strikes hard and makes a strong first run that’s comparable to blue marlin or yellowfin tuna.  The fish is easily caught with light tackle making it accessible to most anglers.


Good Populations : Wahoo populations have a conservation status of “least concern.”  The fact that they tend not to congregate in large schools means they are less susceptible to industrial commercial fishing than other schooling species.  Because the species is not overfished, Roatan fishing charters outfits can feel good about introducing the fish to their clientele.

Roatan Deep Sea Fishing: What is Mahi Mahi

Mahi mahi are a fast growing, fast moving fish that’s found in warm ocean waters around the world.  Because they currently have strong populations they are a target species in the commercial fishing industry and end up on restaurant menus everywhere.  Half of all the world’s commercial catch originates from Japan, although they can be found in warm waters in both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans and many other places, like when on a Roatan deep sea fishing charter.


Mahi mahi are prized by sports fishers because of their strength and willingness to fight.  Their name originates from the Hawaiian word for “strong.”  Mahi mahi are known to go for long runs when caught and often jump out of the water showing off their colourful bodies.  Although the average catch is between 15 and 30 pounds, the world record for a rod and reel came off the coast of Costa Rica at 87 pounds.


Sports anglers will typically look for floating beds of seaweed or other debris as possible spots for catching mahi mahi.  Frigatebirds overhead can also lead anglers to good mahi mahi fishing as the birds look to similar environments for their own feeding habits.

Mahi mahi work well in the kitchen because of their lean white meat which doesn’t have a particularly strong fishy taste.  The fillets are firm, leading to large, but moist and tender flakes.  Because the skin is quite thick it needs to be removed.  The fish lends itself well to grilling and doesn’t need a lot of flavouring beyond salt, pepper and possibly a squeeze of fresh lemon. Come out with Blue Cool Runnings on a Roatan Deep Sea Fishing Charter and try your luck at catching a mahi mahi for dinner.

Deep Sea Fishing Roatan, Fishing Tournament, and Fish Species


Deep Sea Fishing Roatan : Does the idea of going deep sea fishing and exploring the outer bay islands of Roatan excite you? Roatan is recognized as a sports fishing destination. Fishing is the oldest industry in Roatan with world-class fishing charters and anglers that offer an exhilarating experience. There is a range of deep sea fishing and fly fishing opportunities in the island. Within 15 minutes from the dock, you are in about 2000 feet of deep sea fishing waters in Roatan.

Fishing tournament in Roatan

The annual fall Roatan international fishing tournament is the largest annual event bringing people from all around the world to Roatan. The tournament is registered with the international game fish association which means if you catch a big win your bragging rights are etched permanently. The tournament is held on the 15th of September each year in West End. Over the last couple years, the fishing tournament has grown in popularity, and Roatan prides itself on being the first to establish the catch and release policy to help conserve the ocean.  There are numerous activities to participate in during the week of the tournament as 15th September is Independence Day in Honduras and a huge carnival is held in West End.


Fish species

Roatan reefs are home to about 95% of different types of fish and other marine species found in the Caribbean. Many big game and smaller schools of whale, sharks, and dolphins can be found here. While practicing deep sea fishing Roatan, you will find abundant diversity. Fishing specimens vary according to the season. The common catches include Barracuda, Wahoo, Tuna, Bill Fish, Blue and Black Marlin, Grouper and Tarpon. Roatan is home to hundreds of shrimp, crabs, seahorses, and pipefish. Marine life is abundant on the reef including the parrotfish and tang that eat a wide range of reef organisms. You will also find large schools of jacks easily identified by their arrow-shaped tails on the reef. Another species found on the reef is the mutton snapper that makes a grinding noise by grinding its teeth together.




Roatan Deep Sea Fishing Charter | Fishing in Roatan


Fishing in Roatan is one of the most incredible experiences you could ever have. It’s got picturesque scenery, and beautiful waters. It truly is the experience of a lifetime. When you go fishing in Roatan, you can choose any number of equipment hire companies, or you may prefer to bring, or buy your own equipment. Whichever you choose, you should consider a Penn Fishing Tackle Company reel. The Penn Fishing Tackle Company has been making high quality reels since 1932, and are considered to be among the top brands in fishing gear.

If you need a conventional reel Penn have two that you should consider – the general purpose level wind reel, and the squall lever drag reel. The general purpose level wind reel can be used in both freshwater and saltwater, and has a stainless steel wind system. The squall lever drag reel is perfect for fishing near the shore. It has a Dura-Drag system, graphite construction and stainless steel gears.

20728295_1583315765075966_3675043692825794993_n (1).jpg

One of the much recommended fishing activities is a Roatan deep sea fishing charter. The waters are brimming with all sorts of fish, and you should have no trouble in finding a charter to take you out. However, for a Roatan deep sea fishing charter, you’ll need a heavy duty reel. You won’t be able to use the same reel for deep sea fishing as you do for fishing near the shore. You might want to think about the Penn Fierce II spinning reel. It has a full metal body, with a stainless steel main shaft, and aluminum bail wire. It also features a Superline spool, and line capacity rings.

Whatever way you go fishing in Roatan, and whatever reel you choose, you will catch fish, have a great time, and have lots of stories to tell.


Roatan Fishing | Fishing in Roatan Honduras | Deep Sea Fishing Roatan

Roatan is one of the most beautiful and scenic places in the world. It has stunning scenery, clear blue waters, and some of the most amazing fishing you could ever do. Fishing is actually a great way to improve your health, and where better to feel these benefits than one of the best places on earth.


Fishing in Roatan Honduras is a great way to get you outside, and back to nature. It will also teach you new things as you learn all about the different fish species. You can also go deep sea fishing Roatan, so you can learn even more new information, and have a completely different experience.


Another added benefit to fishing in Roatan Honduras is that it can boost your immune system. We need vitamin D to help our bodies fight off illness, and the best way to absorb vitamin D is to be out in the sun. Fishing also encourages you to travel, so you can experience new fishes, new areas, and new techniques. Deep sea fishing Roatan is considered to be among the best in the world.

Fishing also demands patience. You might not catch a fish every time you go fishing, but you must be both patient and persistent. It also teaches self reliance, as if you know how to fish, and how to recognize edible fish species, you will always be able to provide food for yourself. You will also learn other skills, like being able to repair your own gear, which can be beneficial in all aspects of life.

One of the other benefits that fishing brings is that it promotes relaxation. You put your phone down, turn off the TV, get outside, and have a line in the water. Add the beauty of Roatan to that, and it’s a recipe for a perfect day.